The Gathering Arizona

The Gathering was birthed out of a passion to connect in a unforgettable location and start an adventure... An adventure to build a community of talented artists in an intimate setting and grow together. With a vision to come out from behind the veil and build a community of artists to walk along side of each other with one goal...one purpose...to create and succeed.

The Gathering is not your typical workshop. Our #1 goal is not pretty pictures for Instagram. We want you to come with an open mind and desire to do things different, to build relationships and to share and learn from others. We will spend our days listening to topics from our speakers that are most important to our business and are curated in a way to help you at whatever level you are in your business.  



Hi! Im Jeff!

KolorPHX Photographic CO. - Phoenix Arizona

From growing up in a small town in Alabama, to photographing engagements and weddings all over the world. I am a firm believer that you come to different places in life and you have to make a decision, lets call it a fork in the road. You decide to take the road to the left and your future will end up going one direction, decide to take the road to the right and you could end up in a completely different place. Sometimes those roads might even lead to the same place, but just might take incredibly different paths. I know that the road I decided to take was defiantly the path that God had lined out for me all along. I am passionate about education and educating other photographers how the journey and why it is so important to your brand, I am an open book. If I can help others "get there" through what I have to share, thats a WIN for me!

Benji Haisch >


Hi I'm Benji Haisch

Seattle Washington

I’m a big fan of morning walks for coffee with my family, the great outdoors, hiking, good music, sunny days, last minute trips, and apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, my son Oslo, film cameras, teaching, playing music, traveling, experiencing new cultures, my family, and helping others.

As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to do my best to capture all that it means to get married and to celebrate that with you through photography.

Also, I throw more references to The Office, Seinfeld, and Star Wars into casual conversation than you thought humanly possible.

Lukas korynta >


Hi! I'm Lukas Korynta

Seattle Washington

I’m a wedding photographer, traveler, daydreamer and blogger who gets excited way too easily and who loves capturing real life’s memories. My mind is usually in the past or in future, never in the moment where it should be. Maybe that’s why i love taking photos so much - so that I can always look back and feel what was happening. I love sharing my knowledge, either through my blog or in person and even though I hate speaking in front of big crowds, I never turn down an opportunity to chat about business, cameras, social media or life in general. If you’ve ever DMed me on Instagram, you know. I’ve done few workshops in the past, I’ve experienced the hard beginnings and even some all time highs and really feel like I have something to say after being a freelance photographer for 5 years. 

Jonnie + garrett >


Hi! We Are Jonnie + Garrett!

Phoenix Arizona

We are Jonnie and Garrett! We are husband and wife first, wedding photographers second. We love Jesus with everything in us. We were both born and raised in AZ and lived a few minutes apart until we met 5 years ago. We got married at the cutest summer camp in the forest about 3 years ago. Our latest addition to the fam is a Sheepadoodle pup named Rowe and she definitely is spoiled. We love going to the movies, making cookies at midnight, biking to our favorite brewery or frequenting pizza restaurants. We absolutely will drive twenty minutes out of the way for a third wave coffee shop. We’re always waiting for our next flight out of town to explore new places. We picked up photography back when we were dating and learned everything side by side since day one. A photography teacher once told us that we'd hate shooting weddings... a few years later and we're still enjoying every second to the fullest. 

Jeff Watkins >


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