I started photography professionally, over four years ago. It was that typical story of shooting for friends or friends of friends for almost no money and realizing “man, this is actually fun and pretty easy to do!” I remember I didn’t even bring extra batteries to the first wedding I shot so I had to charge every few hours. And of course there was something important going on every time my battery died! I learned my lesson early.
No matter how cliche it sounds, I must say meeting people is the people. Meeting different couples, families or individual personalities along the way and seeing where they are, what they’re all about or where they’re going is by far my favorite part of this job. There have been times when I felt totally changed and inspired after getting close with some of my clients. I realize I still have a long way to go as a human being, as a boyfriend/husband, as a friend, son etc. So it’s pretty amazing to be constantly meeting other people and learning from them. Besides that, I’m always inspired by music. You know, those songs that make you feel something and you just want to pack your bag and go somewhere. One of my all time favorites is Gregory Alan Isakov for example. Just listen some of his songs and you’ll see what I mean.

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